At Padma Yoga, we want you to make a connection with yoga. As a new student, it can take time to realise the benefits. Some people leave their first class feeling different, for others it takes time to tune in to the effects of the practice. Either way, if you feel drawn to yoga, it's really worth taking the time to commit to a regular practice over several months, before deciding whether or not it's for you.

Whatever your yoga experience, I want to provide the best that yoga has to offer, whilst encouraging you to make a commitment to your practice. With this in mind, I offer flexible options for class attendance, along with tailored short courses and workshops.


Flexible Class Attendance

A Drop In Class is the most flexible of our class pass options. If you want to try a class, have a holiday coming up or can't commit to attending each week, this is the one for you! Missed the start of the month? Please use a drop in until next month.

Passes are valid for the next scheduled date of the class you've booked. Once booked, they cannot be transferred to an alternative date, class, person or be refunded.


£6 / 1 class

  • Valid for booked class
  • £6 per class


£11 / 1 class

  • Valid for booked class
  • £11 per class


£12 / 1 class

  • Valid for booked class
  • £12 per class

Regular Class Attendance

Never miss a class? One of life's essentials? If you're confident you'll attend class each week, then our Monthly Class Pass is the one for you. Cheaper than than a drop in, it's a great way to build a regular practice and confirms your space in your preferred class.

Passes are valid for the calendar month, in the class you've booked. Once booked, they cannot be transferred to someone else or refunded. Missed the start of the month? Please use the drop in option until the start of the next calendar month. Need to make a change in the current month? See our missed class policy below.


£20 / 1 class per week

  • Valid for April (no class 2/4)
  • £5 per class


£36 / 1 class per week

  • Valid for April (no class 2/4)
  • £9 per class


£40 /1 class per week

  • Valid for April (no class 1/4)
  • £10 per class


Yoga Library

If attending a live class - in person or online - just isn't practical for you... due to family or work commitments, maybe your health is up and down, or you're looking for some guidance to begin or support an existing home practice. You may want to consider subscribing to our fabulous Padma Yoga Online Library.

A monthly subscription service, you pay £15 per calendar month, and this gives you access to a broad range of pre-recorded video and audio content. Full yoga classes, shorter asana sequences, guided pranayama, deep relaxation practices, mantra, meditation along with lots of lovely yoga nidra and breathe & release sessions. At last count, there were over 80 different practices to choose from and it's growing by the month.

It's a lovely alternative to attending class or as a compliment to a live practice, all guided by an experienced teacher you know and trust. For more info and to sign up go to Padma Yoga Online.

Complete Online Top Up

You might love the yoga library, but find that you need the commitment of a regular yoga class to keep your practice on track. The Complete Online Top Up is a great way to get the most from our online offering. This monthly top up gives you full access to the online library - from the day you sign up until the end of the calendar month - along with the option to attend as many online classes during the month as you want.

Select the £15 Top Up when you pay for your monthly yoga classes. This gives you full access to the online library and the option to attend up to 8 classes in a typical four week month. There's no ongoing commitment, just pay by the month here.

*The Top Up is only valid when booking a full online yoga class for the month.


Want to do something special for a friend or loved one? Why not give them a gift voucher for a class, course, workshop or retreat. Gift vouchers can be prepared for a specific event or a value of your choice.

We have beautifully printed gift vouchers available to collect or I can post one to you for a small charge. They're printed on high quality recycled card and come with an envelope. They’re a wonderful way to spread the love.

Get in touch by phone on 07443 602108 or by email to organise a voucher.

A note on missed classes...

Know you're going to miss your usual weekly class? If you pay for a monthly class pass:

  • Please advise that you will be unable to attend your regular class, at least 12 hours in advance, by sending a text with your name to 07443 602108.
  • You're welcome to attend an alternative class in the same month, provided there is space available. If space is not available, I'm sorry but you will lose the class.

If you are unable to commit to a regular weekly class, you may prefer to attend classes on a drop in basis.