Pregnancy is a wonderful time to practice yoga. I teach Pregnancy Yoga the Birthlight way. The Birthlight Trust are an educational charity, with over 30 years experience of promoting an integrated approach to pregnancy, birth, babyhood and parenting through yoga and body-based practices.

Suitable for women from 14 weeks pregnant, my pregnancy yoga classes are a gentle way of maintaining and improving physical health as your baby grows. Classes begin with us sitting in circle. This is an opportunity to share the highs and lows of our pregnancy journeys. Nothing is off limits, so it's a wonderful way to share with other expectant mums and build supportive friendships along the way. It's also a great way to learn from one another's experiences.

The yoga practice includes flowing sequences of postures developed to avoid strain, whilst targeting those areas that might feel uncomfortable as pregnancy progresses. Breath practices are used to expand and explore your lung capacity as baby grows, along with teaching breaths for use during labour and birth. Each class includes pelvic floor practices to improve pelvic floor tone, along with reducing the risk of tears during labour and birth. The class closes with a guided relaxation to restore energy levels and prepare you for a restful night's sleep.

Classes can be attended right up until you go in to labour. They are a wonderful way to improve our emotional wellbeing and provide much needed time and space to deepen the bond with your baby.

Classes are limited to 10 ladies and are booked in six week courses.

Note: I don't have any courses scheduled at present, however I can offer 1:1 pregnancy classes. If you would like to attend a weekly class please get in touch and I can direct you to another local pregnancy yoga teacher.

Had your baby already? You may also be interested in Postnatal Yoga for Mum & Baby and our Lift & Tone the Pelvic Zone course, both designed to help your body recover.

The Birthlight Trust is a registered charity and teacher training organisation set up to enhance the wellbeing of women and their partners through the journey of pregnancy, birth and as new parents.

Want to know more about Pregnancy Yoga? This is some of the feedback I've received...

“Claire offers a relaxed class which I found to be a weekly sanctuary. It provided practical help at every stage of pregnancy and labour. I look forward to postnatal!”

“The breathing practices and yoga postures taught in this class helped to make my third pregnancy the only one I have enjoyed. Thank you Claire.”

“I have enjoyed every session and found it useful not only because it helped me with back pain and pelvic floor exercises but this is a great opportunity to have some ‘me and baby’ time.”

“A place where you can feel welcomed, share your birth experience, do pregnancy safe exercises and relax. Classes help you stay focused and calm during the labour.”

“Attending pregnancy yoga was a fab experience and certainly helped to prepare me for the birth of my son. It was wonderful to meet other first time mums who all shared their experiences. It also taught me a range of beneficial yoga techniques to support me physically and mentally throughout my pregnancy. Claire was highly supportive and made me feel welcome from the very first session. I look forward to attending postnatal yoga!”

“I’d never practiced yoga before but Claire assured me you didn’t need any experience and I soon found Wednesday nights a retreat to meet other pregnant ladies and practice really useful yoga positions that made me more confident in the run up to our babies due date. It’s a lovely class run by a lovely lady.”

“I was in labour for forty-four hours and can honestly say that the skills I gained in pregnancy yoga turned what could have been a traumatic labour in to a positive experience. Thank you for empowering me and my baby.”

“I used all the positions you taught me and the breathing techniques which worked a treat as I had a water birth without pain relief. So a massive thank you for all your support and practices… there were moments where I did feel that I lost a bit of control but I had drummed it into my husband to keep telling me to breathe and use what I learned from yoga and I soon got things back under control again.”

“Padma Yoga has not only been great at preparing my body and mind for the birth of my daughter but has also allowed me to learn from other people’s experiences and meet new people. Claire was very welcoming and provided great support during my pregnancy. Thank you.”

“Yoga is a must for any pregnant lady! Everything you learn helps during the pregnancy, labour and after birth, both physically and mentally. I also found sharing experiences and talking with other ladies a really big help. I’ve made some great friends in the process. Thank you!!!”

“As a first time mum-to-be it was brilliant to meet and discuss the highs and lows of pregnancy with others going through it. The yoga postures and breathing were excellent for relaxing and assisting through both the labour and pregnancy. Absolutely brilliant class with a fabulous teacher and never a dull moment”

“A great way to meet new mums and to help de-stress. The practices (especially breathing & massage) were really beneficial during labour. Claire and the other ladies were lovely and really made me feel at ease. Thanks again Claire!”

“Excellent pregnancy yoga class – helps to prepare you for your new arrival by teaching you many different technique and exercises, and Claire is a fab teacher – makes you feel so relaxed – don’t want the class to end!”

“I cannot recommend these classes enough, helped me achieve the natural labour I so badly wanted and gave me the tools to do this.”

“A fantastic class for mums to be. Extremely informative and professional, as well as being relaxed and fun. Helped me enormously with a long labour. Would recommend to any mum to be. Thank you Claire x”

“I went to pregnancy yoga to meet other mums and wasn’t disappointed. It created a great community and taught me invaluable breathing techniques and labour positions. Plus there was a lot of laughter in class. I’d recommend it without a shadow of a doubt.”

“Claire and all the mums made for a friendly Monday evening each week. I was able to spend a little time just me and baby, and learned some invaluable techniques that definitely helped me have the labour and birth that I wanted.”

“I really enjoyed my weekly pregnancy yoga class – it was a bit of ‘me’ time, the chance to meet other ‘mums to be’ and I found the techniques learnt really useful in labour.”

“Claire provides a welcoming, relaxing environment in her classes. She catered for our individual needs and was reassuring and positive throughout. I can’t thank Claire enough for helping me achieve the positive birth experience I longed for and can’t wait to do it all over again with her guidance and support.”

“I cannot recommend these classes enough. Claire is a brilliant instructor and I believe antenatal yoga played a big part in my short, smooth labour.”

“Pregnancy Yoga helped me so much in labour. I used the breathing practices and it helped me keep calm and not panic. I would definitely recommend to a friend.”

“The techniques learned at Pregnancy Yoga were invaluable during my 43 hour labour. I couldn’t have done it without them! I have also made some lovely friends. Will definitely be back if there’s a baby no. 2!”

“Combined with hypnobirthing the techniques learnt in the class gave me the dream homebirth of my 9lb 2oz son. A pain free birth. A truly magical experience. Believe you can do it the first time. The class will help.”

“I enjoyed the class very much and feel this was such a special experience, I will treasure it and tell my friends x”

“Everyone who is pregnant needs to do Pregnancy Yoga with Claire. It prepares you for the birth, gets you socialising with other mums due at similar times to you and it is good fun!”

“Wonderful, supportive experience. Would recommend to any expectant mothers.”

“Prenatal yoga gave me time to bond with baby before her arrival. It also taught be to control my breath which was very useful during labour. Postnatal yoga enhanced this bond and gave me confidence to get out in those initial weeks. Thank you x”

“Not only was attending Pregnancy Yoga a great experience, but it aided an empowering, calm labour and a very content baby girl. Yoga babies = Happy calm babies!”

“Super class with a fantastic and enthusiastic instructor. Relaxing environment and a great opportunity to meet other mums to be.”

“I could not have gone through pregnancy so smoothly without yoga. Claire was amazing in every way. Very inspiring, supportive and just lovely. Can’t wait for postnatal/baby yoga.”

“Brilliant preparation for the changes in pregnancy and labour. Very supportive group.”

“Attended pregnancy yoga from 15 weeks to birth. Every week I eased aches and pains, shared experiences with support from those in the same position and have made some lifelong friends.”

“Such a supportive group, I so looked forward to this safe space every week to share stories and receive reassurance. Really helped me prepare for labour too.”

“Claire’s classes were fantastic and she is a very supportive teacher. I truly believe that the practices learnt with Claire aided my recovery after labour.”

“Thank you for all your support to help bring my baby into the world.”

“If you are in any doubt as to if this yoga class is for you, I would urge you to try it – you won’t regret it!”

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