In order to get the most out of your yoga class it’s good to come prepared. I often get asked 'What do I need?' or 'What should I wear?' Here are a few things it's good to know:

Before Class

If you have any on going health problems or you are unsure whether yoga will be suitable, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor.

You will need your own yoga mat, they can be bought from sports shops, TKMaxx, some department stores or from the internet. I usually use www. Please make sure that your mat is yoga specific and sticky.

As well as a yoga mat, it is also good to bring a thick blanket to class. It can be used to sit on, pad under knees and is also great for keeping you warm in the deep relaxation or meditation at the end of the class.

Please avoid eating a heavy meal for a minimum of 2 hours before class. If you're hungry, have a light snack such as a piece of fruit or muesli bar, and eat after class.


What to Wear

Loose comfortable clothing is recommended, being aware that you may be upside down at some point! All clothing should have some stretch in it to allow full movement.

If you want to wear shorts please ensure that they are at least mid-thigh length and are worn with underwear.

Be prepared to take off your socks for standing postures, this is for your own safety. You can buy toesox from or from amazon if you prefer.

Wear layers to allow you to adjust your clothing as the body temperature changes. We often feel cooler at the beginning and end of the class.

Avoid strong smelling deodorants, perfumes or aftershaves.

When You Arrive

Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before the class start time. If the previous class has not finished please wait quietly, making as little noise as possible.

Remove shoes before entering the practice space, leaving them outside or at the back of the room with anything you don't need during class.

Please switch mobile phones off and turn any alerts on Apple/fitness watches off, so they don't disturb you and your fellow students.

Lay down or sit quietly to prepare yourself for your practice.

Let your teacher know, if there's been any change in your health since you completed your student registration form. This is particularly important if you think you are pregnant, ill or have injured yourself in the last week. If you have an infectious cough or cold, you may prefer not to come to class.

During Class

Remember that yoga is a personal practice. Try not to be concerned with what others are doing around you. Try to avoid comparing yourself. We are all different and perfect in our own way.

You will get the best from your practice by turning your awareness inwards, try to keep discussion to a minimum and allow your practice to be guided by your teacher.

Feel free to ask questions if you are not clear on something or indicate that you would like some help.

Take care of yourself… only you know what is going on in your body and how something feels. If something doesn’t feel right move slowly and carefully out of the practice, let us know that you may need an alternative.

If you arrive a little late, please wait until the first few minutes of settling has been completed, then come in quietly to avoid disturbing your fellow students.

After Class

A little practice goes a long way… Try to do a little yoga between your weekly class. If you can find 10-15 minutes a few days a week, you'll be surprised how quickly you begin to notice a change. Practice can be a mix of posture work, breath awareness, relaxation or meditation. Do what you feel most comfortable with to begin.

Online Yoga Classes

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, many of us will be accessing yoga classes online. Before attending a class, it may be helpful to read the latest guidance from the British Wheel of Yoga