Lead a busy life? Find it difficult to maintain a regular yoga practice? Maybe, there's something specific you want to explore? A private class, could be the perfect solution.

People come to private classes for many different reasons. Over the years, I've worked with people receiving cancer treatment, living with chronic or terminal health conditions, along with people who are recovering from injury, illness or surgery, or who are experiencing particular health problems. This might be anything from a bad back, to poor mental health. The benefit of a private class or programme is that it allow us to focus solely on your needs.

At Padma Yoga, I offer 1:1 and small group classes tailored to suit you.

Private 1:1 Yoga Classes

Unlike attending a group class, individual yoga tuition is a great way to get to the heart of a problem. We all know how good it feels, to know someone is really listening to us. A private class means we can really home in on what you want to get out of your sessions.

I love working privately with people, whether that's easing back pain, improving your mental health or developing your yoga practice. Along with teaching regular yoga, I'm also I am also a trained Birthlight Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher and offer pregnancy, postnatal and pelvic floor specific 1:1 classes.

If you are living with ongoing mental health conditions or PTSD, please take a look at the yoga for mental health section of my website, for further information on how I can support your recovery.

How does it work?

Before we book your first session, we'll arrange a call to have a more detailed chat about what you're hoping to get from the experience. You'll be asked to provide the same health details as you would be for a general class, and if it's relevant to your session, I may ask for some further information. I really love to think about how we're going to work together, whether it's just one session or a series of sessions. Once we've had our initial chat, we'll book a date for your session, either in-person or online via Zoom. Should you decide to have further sessions, I'll check in with you at the end of each session in preparation for the next class.

Ready to get started?

To book a call, please click on the button below:

Private Group Classes

Private group classes are a great way to get together with friends or work colleagues at a time and location which suits you. You may have a shared interest - health related or otherwise - and feel that a class focused on what you want, would be more beneficial than attending a general class. These sessions can be taught at your home, office or I can look at arranging a suitable venue. Classes can also be offered online via Zoom.

Like the idea but not sure what you would want to do? I can run a series of sessions for pregnant or postnatal mums; for work colleagues as part of an occupational health programme; or for athletes wishing to improve recovery time and reduce injury. I'm also happy to teach one off sessions, a popular one has been a hen weekend yoga class!

If you have a group class in mind for mental health or PTSD, please take a look at the yoga for mental health section of my website. I can run one of my courses for your group or tailor something to your needs.

Ready to get started?

To discuss your private group class in more detail, please book or call or email me on claire@padmayogahebden.co.uk.

Private Class Costs

1:1 Class 

Duration: 1.25hrs

£55 per class
£250 for 5 classes (£50/class)

1:1 Class - Mental Health & PTSD 

Duration: 1.25hrs

Please get in touch, to discuss in
more detail.

Home Practice Plan

Booked with a 1:1

£25 per plan

Small Group Class (up to 8 people)

Duration: 1.25hrs

£80 per class
£375 for 5 classes (£75/class)

Please note additional students can be taken in to the private group classes at a rate of £10 per student. Group class cost includes travel within a five mile radius. Any additional mileage will be charged at the prevailing HMRC rate.