The Vedanta Outdoors 3

The Vedanta, Lincoln 1st-3rd December 2023

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Kettlewell 13 Nov 04 004a

Kettlewell, North Yorkshire 24th-27th April 2025

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Thinking of going on a yoga retreat? Maybe it's your first, or perhaps you're a seasoned 'retreat-ee'. If you've never been on retreat, it can be rather a daunting prospect! My first was to the Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales. When I moved back to England - from Ireland - a teacher and good friend, recommended that I visit the ashram. When the opportunity arose, I duly booked a space and off I went!

I'd been teaching for several years by then, but as we came together on the first evening, I remember looking around the room at the other attendees, feeling a bit worried that everyone would know more than me, that I wouldn't be able to do the practices and I definitely wouldn't say the right thing. A classic case of what would be called imposter syndrome 😉

It sounds a bit silly now, but it's fascinating to see how the mind works. How often we tell ourselves we can't do something, especially when there's no evidence to suggest to the contrary! Of course, as the weekend went on, I found I knew more than I'd given myself credit for. I was able to do and enjoy the practices. Away from day to day commitments, I could completely immerse myself in ashram life. During karma yoga and over meals or a cuppa there was time to chat to the other attendees. It was such a gift to share space with like minded yoga folks and to have time just to be. I remember leaving feeling completely refreshed and at peace.

It's those early retreat experiences which inform the way I organise and teach my own retreat weekends. I endeavour to create a safe space where you can come, relax and enjoy. You will be welcomed in to the group exactly as you are. No need to be the life and soul, just being present is enough.

Most weekends include a daily practice of yoga postures, breath practices and guided relaxation. There is regular meditation practice through the weekend and space to be in silence. Alongside the classical practices of hatha yoga, there is further teaching and time for discussion. We usually chant mantra and there is also time to chat and to rest. There's no pressure to do everything, in fact you're welcome to do as little or as much as you like. The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself.

Sound good? Then keep reading, I run two retreats each year. I'm happy to chat if you'd like to ask any questions or learn more about the location, venue and my approach to teaching. Get in touch on 07443 602108 or

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