Alongside weekly classes, I also run weekend workshops in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire during the year. They are a wonderful opportunity to delve a little deeper in to areas that interest you. In a workshop, its possible to cover much more than during weekly classes.

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COVID-19 Safety Measures - The upcoming workshops are a mix of online and in-person events. Please ensure you are familiar with this information before attending an in-person workshop.

Spring Awakening Home Retreat - Your Home - Saturday 20th-Sunday 21st March

As the Wheel of Nature turns, we arrive once more at Ostara. Conceived in the darkness of Winter, hopes and dreams for the coming year germinate in the gentle warmth of the Sun. At the Spring Equinox, as the Sun continues to grow in strength, it is the perfect time to bring our plans to life. After a year of pandemics and restrictions, this home retreat, will be a lovely opportunity to explore our ideas through yoga and journaling, to move and to breathe, along with harnessing the energy of the season to reach out for what we want in life.

Starting on Saturday night at 7.30pm, we will come together for our opening session including introductions, intention setting and a lovely long yoga nidra. All this can be done in your PJ's with a nice cuppa in hand. After this it's an early night, to recharge our energy levels.

On Sunday morning, we'll begin our yoga practice at 7.30am. Tuning in to the expansion and growth of Spring, the class will encourage a feeling of spaciousness in the body and mind. The class will include asana, pranayama and seated meditation. After our morning class, you'll have time for a shower and a relaxing breakfast. I would encourage you to step out in to the fresh air for a few minutes this morning... whatever the weather!

Mid-morning we'll be joined by local writer, poet and performer Emma Decent. Emma will be leading a creative and reflective writing session. This will include a grounding exercise and simple guidance to explore the theme of our session, using words - both journaling style and a little poetry. For those of you who haven't met Emma, she has a lovely gentle and supportive approach which will encourage even the most hesitant scribbler to put pen to paper.

On retreat, we usually have soup for lunch, so I'll share some lovely recipes which you might want to try. It can be nice to prepare lunch in advance. This will be time to sit - perhaps in silence - and enjoy your meal.

After lunch, we'll enjoy a restful yoga nidra practice, along with exploring the use of a sankalpa in yoga nidra. Reflecting on our plans for the coming year, it's a lovely time to revisit our sankalpa, as a way of aligning our intentions and resolutions for the year ahead.

Mid-afternoon, we'll make a brew, before returning to sit together as a group. Sharing any reflections from the day, before a final yoga session, including asana, pranayama and mantra. Before we finish there will be the opportunity to ask any questions or just to sit in silence together for a few minutes. The retreat will end at around 5pm on Sunday evening.

*** Sorry, we've had to cancel this weekend, please keep in touch for future dates ***

Saturday 19:30 - Sunday 17:00 PAYF £50/£55/£60 —> BOOK NOW

This retreat is offered on a PAYF - pay as you feel - basis to support those impacted financially by covid.  

The retreat will run from the comfort of your own home and will be taught over Zoom. The link to the retreat will be sent in advance. Please have your usual yoga mat, blocks, blankets and anything else you need to be comfortable available. Feel free to use a chair for the morning and afternoon workshop sessions.

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