Alongside weekly classes, I also run weekend workshops in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire during the year. They are a wonderful opportunity to delve a little deeper in to areas that interest you. In a workshop, its possible to cover much more than during weekly classes.

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COVID-19 Safety Measures - The upcoming workshops are planned as in-person events. Please ensure you are familiar with this information before attending.

'Proper Treaty' Home Retreat - Your Home - Saturday 12th-Sunday 13th December

This little bubble of loveliness has been floating around in my mind for some weeks now. I really feel, that so many of you lovely folks, are in REAL NEED of a proper break in routine. The ever changing guidelines and restrictions around coronavirus, are leaving so many of us feeling a bit stuck and rather overwhelmed... and it really is time we changed that. So, I'm planning a mini over-night retreat. All conducted from the comfort of your own home. Yay!!!

Starting on Saturday night at 7.30pm, we will come together for our opening session including introductions, intention setting, some thoughts on self-care and a lovely long yoga nidra. All this can be done in your PJ's with a nice cuppa in hand. After this it's an early night, to catch up on some much needed sleep.

On Sunday morning, we'll start our yoga session at 7.30am... don't worry, there will be enough time to shower after class. A nice stretchy class, to ease out tightness and tension and leave you feeling connected and calm. The class will include asana, pranayama and a short seated meditation practice. After our morning class, you'll have time for breakfast and a shower. I'll send over some recipes if you fancy making yourself something a bit special. I'm also going to encourage you out in to the fresh air for 15 minutes... even if it means having a cuppa in your summer house/garage/glasshouse/caravan with the doors open!

Mid-morning we'll come back together for a workshop style session to reflect on our journey through the year and the simple pleasures that we may have experienced over the last six months. I'm going to share a lovely podcast in preparation for this. This will be followed by a guided breath and relaxation session. For lunch, I'll share some more lovely recipes with you. We often have soup on retreat, but if that's not your thing, I have a few other options to share with you. It can be nice to prepare lunch in advance. This will be time to sit - perhaps in silence - and enjoy your meal.

After lunch, we'll have a second workshop style session, thinking about where we feel we're lacking at present, along with sharing ideas on how we can bring more balance back in to our lives. This will include some discussion around the chakras and will be a nice opportunity to get the colouring pencils out.

Mid-afternoon, we'll make a brew, before returning to sit together as a group. Sharing any reflections from the day, anything we want to carry in to the coming weeks. Our afternoon will end with a final gentle yoga session and another long yoga nidra. Before we finish there will be the opportunity to ask any questions or just to sit in silence together for a few minutes. The retreat will end at around 6pm on Sunday evening.

If this sounds just like what you need, book to reserve your space below... and please don't leave it toooo late as you'll get the most from the retreat by being well prepared and also from knowing you have something lovely to look forward to in the lead up to the other C-word, Christmas!!

Saturday 19:30 - Sunday 18:00 £45 —> BOOK NOW

The retreat will run from the comfort of your own home and will be taught over Zoom. The link to the retreat will be sent in advance. Please have your usual yoga mat, blocks, blankets and anything else you need to be comfortable available. Feel free to use a chair for the morning and afternoon workshop sessions.

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