Alongside weekly classes, I also run weekend workshops in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire during the year. They are a wonderful opportunity to delve a little deeper in to areas that interest you. In a workshop, its possible to cover much more than during weekly classes.

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Living Yoga, Finding Balance - Sheffield - Saturday 29th June

In yoga we are encouraged to cultivate the quality of the witness or drashta. When we first attend a class, this may be the simple observation of physical sensations or the rhythm of our breathing. In time, we are encouraged to delve a little deeper, observing the ebb and flow of our thoughts, noticing our actions and reactions. We may begin to understand that life offers us an endless opportunity for self -inquiry.

Little by little we move from ‘doing yoga’ to ‘living yoga’. By living our yoga practice, we are encouraged to tune in to ourselves, connecting with the innate wisdom that sits deep within us. We learn to trust in our inner voice and can begin to experience life in all its glory. Letting go of habitual patterns of thinking and doing, we open ourselves up to finding a more balanced life.

A practical day, taught in the Satyananda Yoga tradition, we will explore a range of practices from the yogic tradition. The day will include yoga postures (asana), breath practices (pranayama), hand gestures (mudra), chanting (mantra), deep relaxation (yoga nidra) and meditation.

The day will focus on cultivating our ability to observe and experience, learning to trust our instincts and respond with awareness. Suitable for new and experienced students alike.

10:00-16:00 £40 

The workshop will run at Grenoside Community Centre, Sheffield, S35 8PR
Please bring a vegetarian dish for a shared lunch. There will be a variety of teas available during the day.

Summer Retreat Day - Bourne, Lincolnshire - Saturday 27th July

The Celtic festival of Lammas is the seasonal peak of high Summer. The manifest growth of Mother Nature turns the vibrant greens of Spring to the warm golds and rich reds of high Summer. It is a wonderful time to make the most of the long, warm days. As we enter the traditional summer holiday period, it is the perfect time to pause, breathe and reflect... taking stock of the aspects of our life we have nurtured and grown, acknowledging the pleasure this has given us and perhaps connecting with a sense of gratitude for all that we have received during the year.

This day retreat with Claire Thomas, will be held at the historical Red Hall in Bourne, a small market town in South Lincolnshire. Set in it's own grounds and dating from around 1600 AD, it's a beautiful venue for our day together. Arriving from 9:30am for a 10:00am start, you will be greeted with a tea of fresh summer herbs, before enjoying a day of yoga, pranayama, mantra, meditation and deep relaxation.

Our morning together will be spent in nature, enjoying a gentle flowing yoga practice on the lawn, outside the hall. Mid-morning we will pause to enjoy cool fruit spritzers, fresh juice and homemade cakes, before closing our practice with pranayama and seated meditation in the hall.

Lunch will be a 'bring and share affair' that can be eaten in the cool of the hall or in the sunshine on the grass. This will be a lovely opportunity to relax and enjoy the company of your fellow yogis and yoginis.

Our afternoon will begin with a restful yoga nidra, before being introduced to the Indian goddess Lakshmi. Learning about the mythology behind her existence and chanting mantra to invoke her qualities in your life. The goddess of abundance, Shri Lakshmi, resides in the heart chakra. This will be a time to celebrate the fruits of our labour, give thanks for all we have received and perhaps open ourselves up to those things we have yet to manifest. We will close our day with seated meditation in the gardens.

The day is suitable for all but complete beginners. If you are at all unsure of suitability, please get in touch on 07443 602108 or email for more information.

09:30-16:30 £50 

The venue for the day is The Red Hall, South Street, Bourne, Lincs PE10 9LY.

Please bring your yoga mat, a scarf or light cover, sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen. For lunch bring a vegan or vegetarian dish to share, which celebrates the abundance of summer - noting whether your offering is vegan, gluten free and/or nut free. There will be a variety of teas and cordials available during the day.

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