Alongside weekly classes, I also run weekend workshops in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire during the year. They are a wonderful opportunity to delve a little deeper in to areas that interest you. In a workshop, its possible to cover much more than during weekly classes.

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A Day of Yantra & Mandala - Todmorden - Saturday 1st February

An uplifting day, learning how to create Yantras & Mandalas. These diagrams are sacred symbols representing wholeness and can be used as a tool for meditation. In this workshop with yoga teacher and artist Helena Turner, you will be guided step by step through the construction & painting of Gayatri Yantra.

Gayatri is the Goddess of collective wisdom and is worshipped as the light of learning. She protects us as we move towards deep inquiry and self-reflection. Gayatri Yantra is said to illuminate our path on that inner journey.

Creating a Yantra in this setting is a great way to immerse yourself in this ancient spiritual practice. You will gather all the tools necessary to create your own unique mandalas, learning valuable techniques to apply to future works of art and personal expression. Creating a Mandala or Yantra is a ritual which allows us time for deep self-reflection & healing, as well as tapping into our creative spirit.

Suitable for all, no previous art experience is required, all equipment will be provided along with an instructional booklet to continue this art form with confidence.


10:00-16:00 £45 —> BOOK NOW 

The workshop will run at The Todfellows Space, Oxford Street, Todmorden, OL14 5PU.
Please bring a packed lunch. Alternatively there are a number of cafes and sandwich shops within a few minutes walk of the venue. 

Cultivating a Home Practice - Hebden Bridge - Saturday 29th February

The motivation to try yoga varies enormously from one person to the next. Whatever our reason for attending class, we often find there is much more to yoga than we first thought. In time, the changes we experience from a regular practice, encourage us to make yoga a more integral part of our lives.

Along with attending workshops and retreats, it can be incredibly helpful to develop a 'sadhana' or home practice. Maybe you've tried it already, but didn't feel confident enough to keep going or perhaps, life just got in the way! By developing a simple practice, that fits our current needs, we create a space to support our development and growth as human beings. We are more in touch with our body which improves our health, but the real benefit is often seen in the space that is created for self-reflection and growth.

If you would like to learn more about practising at home, this day workshop is a great way to start your journey. Practical and interactive in nature, there will be periods of guided practice along with time for discussion and sharing of ideas. You'll be guided through creating a practice space, finding a good time and length for your practice, along with being given some suggestions and handouts and on what to include. We'll also talk about the barriers to practice and how we might overcome these.

The day will be suitable for students with some experience of yoga and will include asana, pranayama, guided relaxation, simple meditation and mantra chanting. If you're unable to attend regular classes and have been using online yoga resources, you may also find the day a helpful way to develop your own practice.

10:00-16:00 £40 

The workshop will run at The Hope Baptist Church, New Road, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8EW.
Please bring a packed lunch. Alternatively there are a number of cafes and sandwich shops within a few minutes walk of the venue. 

Movement, Mantra & Meditation - Spalding - Saturday 25th April

What is yoga? According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali:

'Yogaschitta vritti nirodhah - To block to the patterns of consciousness is yoga.'

The Yoga Sutras - all 195 of them - explain how this state of being, can be achieved. Cultivating awareness of our mental patterns, learning to analyse the influence of the three gunas - the three qualities of all nature - allows us to eliminate the negative influence of a particular guna and cultivate the positive qualities of the opposing state. Gradually bringing us to a point where the oscillating mind becomes steady.

During this day workshop with Claire Thomas, we will explore the meaning of this simple, yet profound, second verse of the sutras. Learning how we can draw on the different elements of yoga - as a science of living - to cultivate a state of constant and unbroken awareness, in meditation and in life.

The day will include guided asana, pranayama and yoga nidra, along with periods of mantra chanting and seated meditation. Suitable for students with some experience of yoga who wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding, of the yogic philosophy which underpins, the practical tools and techniques of yoga.

10:00-16:00 £40 

The workshop will run at The Holistic Hub, Broad Street, Spalding, Lincs PE11 1TB.
Please bring a packed lunch. Alternatively there are a number of cafes and sandwich shops within a few minutes walk of the venue. 

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